Astrolology Look Dev

I have always wanted to share with you some breakdowns of Art Direction process which might give you some clarifications about the preproduction as well,particularly when it comes to an Animated TV series.
Here you go with some of the look developments that we have done for Astrolology which is the first Animated TV series from Lemon Sky Studio.
Based on the budget restriction that we had,we would wanted to figure out a way to design some concepts in a way to be used for many different stages of the production.So I have worked closely with the concept team to make sure that our concepts have some indications of lighting as well as design,So we could get some directions during the modelling, final lighting and 3D look dev!
We also had a very limited time to feed all the departments with many look dev for each episodes but our smart concept supervisor @mordekaiii never had let me down and our concept team was always ahead of the schedule.😉

Note: of course this might not be an ideal way for look development and color keys design but due to our project scope we had design our own workflow and pipeline which was also really efficient.
I will post more stuff about the other part of the Art Direction process as soon as I find some spare time!